Create Every Day – Fairy on Mushroom Art Journal Page

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Create Every Day – Fairy on Mushroom Art Journal Page

This was SUPER Fun to make!  (Video below to give you a better idea of texture and it’s look! scroll down for it!)

To read a bit on the background, and how it was make, here’s a little post I made as I am keeping background pages in separate posts to show you don’t have to finish an art journal page all in one sitting! And it can be done days, months, years later!!


I”m going to share here a few pics on how I put it together, but I didn’t record the whole process.  It takes a lot of time to do that with the uploading, so I’m just not going to do that for every page I make.

Wish I had a Silhouette Machine for this!

I hand-cut out the fairy and the mushroom, but I so wish I had had my Silhouette Machine earlier! You can have it cut any image you so desire! You can also Print from you printer, setup up your Silhouette Machine to cut the image out!  So this means you can even hand draw your own pics and have them cut out for your journal for you.  I highly recommend a Silhouette Machine!

Video Showing Details!! (Keep reading below it for some assembly pics):


So we started with this background page:

art journal page background


Then I grabbed a fairy online, printed her on card stock and cut her out.

I hand drew the mushroom on card stock and cut it out.

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Here’s a glimpse before I attached or colored them:

fairy on mushroom And Here is a Close Up of the Final Art Journal Page:

fairy art journal page

Enjoy in Joy! ~~Tina

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