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Distress Ink Background Page for Art Journal

art journal page backgroundAs I said in this post, I’m taking a class over at BluePrint (just found them and love them!) This (see below for closeup!) is another distress ink art journal background page that I just made from following a class by Marjie Kemper.

***I will be sharing this finished art journal page soon and will link it here! With a video showing you up-close how it ends up.

As I said I’ve worked with distress inks before but not in the quantity (or quality!) she does.

I’m using Tim Holtz (Ranger) Distress Inks sets 1, 2, and 3. 

I also ordered the same stamping tool Marjie suggests. I had been using cheap makeup sponges but was getting weird marks. I have started a new journal page using these, which I will share in the near future.

At any rate, I used for the background inks I used:  Salty Ocean, Mustard Seed and Black Soot.

I also used various stencils and such, there is no rhyme or rhythm, just use what you have and be a bit random, you will soon find you own likes and dislikes.


First off, you DO NOT have to finish it anytime soon, so that when you are in a hurry and want to create, find a background  page you have already made, that suits your mood that day, and dive in!

Collect your goodies you would like to add, play around with them on the page, align and re-align.

You can also add or use stencils, stamps, stickers, doodling, draw and cut out items, anything; just be creative!



If you are new to art journaling and want to see visually how do play with distress inks, I really followed a class over at BluPrint to make this, although it’s my design using my own supplies I already had, so it won’t look like any of her creations, but do check out Marjie’s Distress Inks Class… (also it’s cheaper to subscribe and get access to all the streaming videos than buy just one class! Look for “BluPrint Unlimited” on top of that page.)



Here’s a close-up of this background page

(I will have the completed art journal page of this up soon):

art background page


Enjoy in Joy! ~~Tina

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