Honey Bee Yourself Sunflower Art Journal Page

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Honey Bee Yourself Sunflower Art Journal Page

honey bee yourself art journalSuper fun to create!!

You’ve seen the background before over here.

Well I finished off the page!

I did decide to go with a bee theme, even though the honey comb stencil I used in the background isn’t very visible (see behind the small bee in the air.)  The other spots in the page where it was used got covered up.

Who cares? This art journal page ROCKS!

“Honey Bee Yourself”. ~~VIDEO BELOW!

Honey Bee Youself

This is just been kinda my vibe lately. For so long I was working so hard and a goal but realized I just wasn’t having fun.  I said I’m going to take a week off and only art.

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When I awoke that next morning I was EXCITED to get out of bed!!! Then the next morning the same thing…. Realization hit me, this whole time I was stressed and depressed and didn’t even know it.  I didn’t want to get up.  I didn’t want to go to “work” (I work at home….).


I’m going to keep arting and make it fun and just BE ME!!

How I made this page

I watched a class over at Craftsy, by  Marjie Kemper. The class is about using distress inks and other items to create art, mostly tags and journal pages.

That’s where this inspiration started, with some basic inks on the paper.

So here is where I started back on this page….

honey bee alone words

I wasn’t overly happy with where that ugly text is at the top it seemed out of place, but follow along it worked out well….


Distress Ink Pad, Vintage PhotoDistress Ink Pad, Vintage Photo

When I first finished the background of the page I decided I wanted a sunflower and bees.

So for the pedals I decided to use a yellow card stock. I simply cut out the shapes with no pattern, just envisioned them as I cut.

Then I used the color “vintage photo” distress ink to go around the edges, then I drew lines with a brownish art pencil.

I followed that up by using the same ink on the inner pedals.

Watch the slider below to see how this all went down!


I also cut a rough circle out, used some regular brown and black inks and used a marker to make some marks in it for the center of the sunflower.

Then I glued it down and added the pedals, one by one.

assemble sunflower

And here is the sunflower all assembled!  I placed to pedals like they had fallen from the flower to fly in the wind…

assembled sunflower


2-Piece Glaze Glossy Ink Pen Set, Black2-Piece Glaze Glossy Ink Pen Set, Black

I printed the bees off from online, using different sizes.

I then painted them gold, with acrylic paint.

I used my favorite Glaze black gel pen to outline them.  This dries pretty quick, just don’t touch it until it has fully dried, about 30 seconds.

Then I glued them on as well pacing them accordingly.

I LOVE how this page turned out.  The PICS do not do it justice; it is MORE ORANGE than what the pics have picked up.



Then using this stamp set I got from a garage sale, called the Jive Alphabet, I spelled out the words, HONEY BEE, leaving the last E a little off kilter.

I hand wrote the words in my cursive the “Yourself” using my gel pen once again.

I went back over the stamped letters with my gel pen as well.

Then using a water based paint pen I added white markings to the bees and the words.


Enjoy in Joy! ~~Tina

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