My Manifesting Art Journal Book

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My Manifesting Art Journal Book

manifesting art journalMeet my manifesting art journal!! Or prayer book, or wish book, or spell book.. whatever you want to call it.

I’m using it to create pages to manifest my wishes and desires!

I’ll share the first inside page with you soon since it is an important part to a manifesting art journal.

This was originally a very old book just covering dust. I took out the binding and pages.  (I use old book pages in my journaling so nothing is wasted!)

Normally when making an art journal from a book you keep the binding and sew your own pages into it.  But I have my cinch machine, so I make my own holes and use round coil wire as the binding.

binding machine for art journal

My Binding Machine for Making My Very Own Art Journals

Manifesting Art Journal
The book was originally black, but I use green metallic acrylic and dark green acrylic for the coloring of the book.  Green to me feels like growth, so I thought it fitting for a manifesting art journal!

You can see here the freshly painted front and back of the book.

I used a stencil and gesso for the plant design. I color it in with a gel pen and added more leaves and enhancements as I went along.

The stones and pendants are various things I have saved over the year from broken jewelry and such.  The pic here is before I added the ribbon and cross (seen below).

Manifesting Art JournalHere is a picture of it with the papers I bound it with. I have used water color, heavy card stock and some watercolor paper.  I used brown, white and black paper for the pages. There are some “mini pages” in between the regular sized sheets as well. (I’ll link to new posts that depicts this as I create a manifesting art journal page!)

Also notice the vines? I had used my white paint pen to highlight them, but I didn’t like it so I covered that up using my favorite black gel pen.

As I finish journaling in this book, I will add more hanging down goodies to the wire coils, to finish off the book’s decor!

My Manifesting Art Journal Book - Magic Art Journal
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2 Responses to My Manifesting Art Journal Book

  1. Stephanie Anders says:

    I love the way you did the cover. I too think green represents growth. I am a tree lover and I am always attracted to green because of them. Trees are an eternity symbol for me too because they always return to begin again each year.

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