Purple Green Art Journal Page – Dream it Do It

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Purple Green Art Journal Page – Dream it Do It

dream it do it art journal pageThis GORGEOUS Purple Green Art Journal Page was just created on a “as I go” kinda thing.

It’s called “If you can Dream it  you can Do it!”.

I’ll show different phases below. Distress inks were used to create the background.  You can see a video of that over HERE.

I hand drew the heart and cut it out with an exacto knife (didn’t have my SILHOUETTE MACHINE at that time), but this turned out great anyway.

I used stamps for the butteries and flowers and used a heartshaped hope punch for the hearts.

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If you watched the video over HERE, this is the background page created there and that I am starting with here.  It is SUPER HELPFUL to create backgrounds and come back to them later. It takes stress out and just lets you be random!

Later when you are ready to create again you can go through you pre-made backgrounds and pic out the one you FEEL LIKE working on!


art journal background page

Next I cut out this girl… I created her in Photoshop with a new tool that is in the newest edition of PS.  I cannot think of the name of it, but it lets you draw oneside while it automatically creates the other side; like mirror drawing. I obviously did not use it on the hair. And IF I used this tool again I will probably leave her with no hair so I can hand draw it – I THINK THAT WILL LOOK BETTER.



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I hand drew this heart and cut it out and hand colored it.  I used my glaze white #10 gel pen to draw the white designs.  Again I wished I had had my Silhouette Machine at the time to cut this out with instead of just my exacto knife!

hand drawn heart for art journaling


Here’s the heart glued into the page, with a few stamped butterflies too!

heart for art journaling


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Here’s a closeup of the hearts and butterflies that I stamped in then went over with my gel black glaze pen! I purchase these in BULK!

Stamps Used: (The one to the left I think is from Wal-mart, the one on the right can be seen HERE:


Almost Done!

standing art journal page

AND VOILA! Out is the sun!

dream it do it art journal page

Enjoy in Joy! ~~Tina

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2 Responses to Purple Green Art Journal Page – Dream it Do It

  1. Stephanie Anders says:

    I love this! The stamps are so neat. I’ve never used them before but would like to try.

    • Creatively Tina says:

      Stamps and stencils are FUN FUN FUN not just for art journaling but sooooo much! We won’t discuss all the Dylusions/Ranger stencils I have coming from Amazon…. shhhhhhhh!!!

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